Future in our hands


Framtiden i v�re hender (The Future in our hands - FIOH) is Norway's largest environmental organization, and works for a fair distribution of the world's resources.

We think that the sustainability of nature and the climate is more important than growing the consumption and economy of rich countries.

We work to make government and business facilitate green and ethical choices.

We are committed to the global environment and a globally fair distribution of wealth. We believe the two are inseparably linked, in a way that requires us to work on both subjects in an integrated way. The organization has about 22.000 members in Norway.

Future in our hands is a non-governmental organization independant from political parties or religious groups. We have a democratic structure, with a bi-annual general assembly and a competent board.

We have 20 local groups in Norway, and 20 employees working at the head office in Oslo and with some of the local groups. We do information and awareness-rasing through advocacy and debates in schools, political assemblys, social media, tv, radio and newspapers.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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