The Assosiation for Children with Congenital Heart Diseases

FFHB is a non-governmental organization that works for the best interests of children and youngsters with congenital heart diseases, their families and families who have lost their child with heart disorder.


1% of all born children have a heart disorder. Due to the improvements in kinds of treatment, the number of youngsters and adults is increasing all over the world. FFHB consists of about 4000 members, and is organized in 19 local county associations; each with a lot of different activities through social networks for families, children and youngsters. The secretariat consists of 6 employees and is responsible for conducting some of the organization’s events, information dissemination, networking with society and authorities, income generating etc. One of our tasks this year is to contribute to the creation of a European Umbrella Organization of children and youngsters with congenital heart disease (ECHDO).

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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