Adults for Children

Adults for children is a voluntary, idealistic member based organization. Generally speaking the organization works to help children and young people in Norway to receive a childhood and a adolescence characterized by security and well-being .


The organization works with, and offers services to -children and youths -parents and carers -all who works with children and youths . Adults for children is particularly concerned with children's interests and children`s mental health. Adults for Children aim at making the perspective of the child visible for decisions makers locally and nationally related to issues which concern the children in school, kindergarten, social welfare institutions and mental health institutions. Adults for children have a concern for children who live in families with parental mental health problems or parental drug abuse. The organization offer training for professionals in adult mental health institutions and community based care systems on how to take care of the family and the child when the parent have a problem. The organization also runs programs for schools on how to promote good mental health among children.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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