Rogaland Training and Education Centre

The aim of Rogaland Training and Education Centre is to develop high-quality training at lowest possible costs.


We are a leading force in the use of modern ICT in education and have invested substantial resources in equipment, technology and know-how. Furthermore, we do work closely with 30 upper secondary (vocational) schools with over 1,500 high experienced teachers who between them masters a wide range of languages and who each year have more than 10,000 students.

We have entered into formal cooperation agreements with colleges and universities in Norway and abroad, and in recent years we have carried out projects in over 30 countries with more than 200 formal working partners. Our contribution consist first and foremost of developing collaborative projects, finding good working partners, sharing our available technology and facilities, providing competent teaching resources and occasionally acting as project leader. But this is just the start. Underlying our business strategy is the firm conviction that we can all learn from each other; that through different types of collaboration and networks we can develop creative and innovative environments looking to the challenges of tomorrow. This is why we are active participants in local, regional, national and international networks.

Close cooperation between educational institutions, the public and the private sector creates learning environments.
Training and continuing education become something more than routine updating. They become the basis for constructive regional development, which in turn means jobs and increased competitive power.

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