Academy for Civic Education

The Academy for Civic Education is an organization of law students and young legal professionals working hard on the development of a democratic and modern civic society in Bulgaria. We train young professionals to communicate with young people and discuss important topics such as democracy, human rights, free speech, government and elections, discrimination etc. We are the first organization in our country to organize full courses for high school students on various civic education topics with competent free thinking lecturers. The Academy for Civic Education also prepares free content for students and citizens – informative videos, articles and handbooks on important topics.


The Academy for Civic Education is primarily run by young legal professionals and students, aged 22-29. In our team we have assistant-professors, lawyers, high-school teachers and law students, eager to work with younger people, in order to discuss and explain various topics that concern the modern society in Bulgaria.

Our main activity is organizing full civic education courses and visiting school classes. We have worked informally in the sector for 5 years and have established ourselves as a legal entity for more than a year. In the past year we reached 7 cities in our country and over 40 schools. The Academy for Civic Education explains important matters such as democratic values, government, human rights, freedom of expression and also battles modern issues such as corruption, discrimination, violence, violation of rights and many others by presenting and discussing them with young people from across the country.

The Academy for Civic Education is the first and currently the only organization in Bulgaria that works in the field of civic education on such scale and with such consistency.

We created the first Civic Education Handbook for students in our country, film educational videos and write articles, all of which are distributed free to our students and followers.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are currently seeking partners with legal or other social studies knowledge – NGO representatives, lawyers, human rights experts, journalists, assistant-professors or others, that are competent to write or speak about democratic values, challenges to modern democracy, freedom of expression and the importance of civic society.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We are offering our expertise on various legal topics, as our team is consisted mainly of legal professionals and students competent in constitutional law, human rights law, criminal law and civil law.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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