Norte Crescente -Local Development Association

Norte Crescente has as main objectives the sustainable and integrated development of the 8 city parishes of the north coast of Ponta Delgada - Azores, representative of 40% of Ponta Delgada’s geographic space. Due to their geographical location, they are isolated from urban areas, where resources and support institutions are centralized. Those communities are linked to rural activities and strongly dependent on social support, facing difficulties in responding to their challenges.


Norte Crescente’s intervention is marked by its institutional values: Education, Development and Innovation, constituents of its brand image. This intervention is transversal, focusing on themes such as social, cultural, sports and active life, economic, environment, young and education, always aiming the promotion of local development. Part of a regional, national and international network of formal and informal partnerships, Norte Crescente supports and intervenes in the most diverse needs arising in the listed areas.
Some of the main objective are:
- To promote meaningful learnings which occurs on a physical, psychological and emotional environment that encourages their evolutionary process according to their problems and ages;
- To develop personal and social skills;
- To promote active citizenship;
- To promote democratic education, respect for diversity, different cultures and fight against all kinds of discrimination through the integration on international projects that promotes sharing of opinions, concepts and views;
- To promote values, change attitudes and behaviors towards the environment and prepare for the exercise of a conscious, dynamic and informed citizenship in face of environmental problems;
- Social inclusion and integration of people with fewer opportunities, individuals and families in exclusion or at risk of exclusion, preventing marginality and risk behaviors.

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