Pro Sentret

Pro sentret is s national centre of espertise on prostitution and a service provider for sex sellers.


Pro Sentret is Oslo Municipality's social and health service for persons who sell sexual services. We run a health clinic, a drop-in cafe and we offer individual councelling, guidance and legal advice. We do outreach work in both street- and indoor prostitution as well as online. Our services are open to persons of all genders, ages and regardless of recidency status. The services are based on the principles of self-determination, user-participation, prevention and harm reduction.

Pro Sentret is a national centre of expertise on prostitution. as such, our main objective is knowledge protduction for service providers, stakeholders, policy makers and general society. We conduct mapping, produces reports and information on all aspects of prostituion in Norway, an regularely give lectures on prostitution and humantrafficking.. We have a particular focus on entry and exit, push and pull factors and consequences of prostitution, This work also forms a basis for developing services, best practices and methods for health- and social work professionals who come in contact with persons who sell sex.

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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