Valex Association is a romanian NGO, founded in 2016. Since then, step by step, we have started to grow and have more and more local and regional actions, including TV appearances.


VALEX Association has its headquarter in Romania, Prahova County, Ploiesti City, 33 Democratiei street.
With a group of over 300 volunteers, the Valex Association aims to help poor families, to educate young people for civic purposes, eradicate poverty and illiteracy, and promote young people with potential.
Besides educational or cultural activities, many of which have charity, help in various social cases or children with different medical problems, we also try to help with cases requiring the purchase of building materials (eg home renovation children, fire houses, or homeless ones).
We build homes for poor families and care for children in placement centers, but also people affected by different diseases. In order to continue our mission, we need material and financial support and we invite all those willing and interested to help and join us. We are open to partnerhips and projects with physical and legal entities, Romanian and foreign NGOs. To achieve the mentioned objectives, any help is welcome.

EURO account : RO03BTRLEURCRT0363955701
RON account : RO53BTRLRONCRT0363955701

Type of partner/expertise sought

The looking expertise of the partner is in areas as : volunteering projects, helping poor and less chances people, cultural activities and bilateral exchanges to learn eachother, taking care for children in placement centers and for victims of domestic violence (for who we want to build a shelter), but also for people affected by different diseases/ills.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We have experience with volunteering, helping poor people and persons with different diseases, helping children in placement centers, offering advocacy and counseling for victims of violence, mobilisation and work for enviromental actions

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