Advisory group of senior advisers in governance, capacity development, human rights, gender, environment, with experience from working in 100 countries.


Scanteam is an analysis and advisory group, registered as a company, consisting of senior experts with long field experience working for NGOs, UN agencies, development banks. We have worked in 100 countries, for public and non-state actors, with focus on governance and capacity building. Thematic fields cover human rights including minorities, youth, business; gender equality, mainstreaming and empowerment; space and roles of non-state actors for collective action; public finance management and anti-corruption; rights-based natural resources management and climate action. Within capacity building Scanteam has carried out organisational reviews, supported governance and management development, facilitated internal strategic planning, and taught results-based management.

Type of partner/expertise sought

While national CSOs vary in structure and approach, the projects for ACF funding must address specific issues. Where these overlap or complement Scanteam’s fields of competence and experience, our value added could be as a strategic partner for an interested group of CSOs in that area by facilitating capacity building through joint learning and mutual sharing of experiences. This should also strengthen the potential for local collaboration while lowering the costs of the partnership to the individual CSO project.

Type of expertise/competence offered

All Scanteam advisers are senior experts with long practical and inter-disciplinary experience, from a variety of settings/roles, having worked for a range of different organisations and carried out field work and evaluations in a number of countries around the world. This brings a strong comparative perspective to the work, a sensitivity to context, and experience in facilitating local processes and listening and learning from local stakeholders and adjusting to their priorities and preferences.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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