Bulgarian Foundation for Breast Cancer Prevention” (BFBCP


“Bulgarian Foundation for Breast Cancer Prevention” (BFBCP) was founded and registered in 2006 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Its main target and activities are prophylactic breast medical check-ups among women above the age of 35 and early diagnosis of breast cancer with the aim of full medical recovery. Furthermore, the foundation performs regular informative and educational visits among General Practitioners (GPs) and doctors, specializing in that area in Plovdiv. Throughout the whole year free-to-the-public consultation and manual examination are offered and performed by the organization’s founder Vanya Uzunova M.D., who is a surgeon- mammologist with over 30 years of medical experience. The examinations currently take place at “UMBAL Sveti Georgi” Hospital – Plovdiv. The additional echo-graphic and mammo-graphic examinations are currently paid by the patients and take place in various different X-ray centers, which impedes the whole process. The foundation also lacks its own examination rooms and equipment.
Additionally, BFBCP also performs medical calculation of the risk of developing breast cancer at each patient. Those at higher risk due to genetics are referred to a specialized genetic test laboratory, the costs for which are also covered solely by the patients.
The foundation currently is looking for partners and support from organizations in Norway – both government and non-government.
The aim of the project is to combine all stages – prevention, treatment and post-operative follow up. Early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is crucial to the success rate. Due to this the BFBCP needs financing for the following:

1. Purchasing or renting necessary space for the diagnostics and treatment center
2. Purchasing of medical equipment – an echo-graph, mammo-graph and a PC.
3. Partial coverage of the genetic tests’ costs.
4. Purchase of software needed to form database of all patients and their yearly follow-up after the operation.

Type of partner/expertise sought

organizations in Norway – both government and non-government.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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