Bob, Institute for Education and Cultural Activities

Zavod Bob is an NGO, established in 2007. Its main activities are youth work, non-formal education, adult education and training in specific areas of expertise. Activities further include the area of social care, media, cultural and artistic activities. Within the organizational activities we perform a variety of programs/projects for young people, locally and internationally. Our mission is to ensure active participation and social engagement for youth, especially for those, who do not have a public voice or their voice is usually unheard.


- developing the quality support systems for youth activities, innovative counseling and guidance,
- creating a space among youth for developing interests, talents, for opening creative leisure time (preventive action), developing critical thinking and proactive orientation,
- promoting and taking an active role in social development,
- education for dissolving stereotypes and prejudice and for raising opportunities for successful management of everyday life circumstances,
developing trainings of non-formal and experiential learning for strengthening various competences of participants as the key to the creation of independent life goals.

In general, the activities are primarily designed for young people from 13 to 30 years and adults. We aim to answer the identified needs such as alternative forms of education, the environment in which they can achieve personal, professional and educational goals taking into account the characteristics, interests and abilities of the individual, the personal growth and development, the acquisition of competences for independent development and key life decisions, good quality socializing, reducing social, cultural, economic and political inequalities, financial accessibility of educational services, ...

We are following the methodology of non-formal and experiential learning where young people learn through active participation. In this way, the demarcation mentor – participant dissolves, the contents linked to one’s personal experience and the commitment of individuals grows. All programs are as well free of charge for the participants.

Zavod Bob currently regularly employs nineteen persons. However, over 50 individuals are involved in the projects through part-time contractual relationships. In cases where our resources are not sufficient, contracts are signed with outside associates, we establish cooperation with other organizations, or invite volunteers to cooperation.

Facilities are located in Ljubljana. One is in immediate vicinity of the central train and bus station and another one at main train and bus station, as well as one green space within 15-minute walking distance form city center.

We have a wide social network - cooperating with organizations in the sector (youth, educational, cultural NGOs) and cross-sector (real sector), public professional organizations (schools, faculties, institutes, libraries and different cultural organizations) and individuals and professionals in various fields in Slovenia and abroad, where the exchange of groups or individuals gives us the opportunity to execute prepared projects. Our organization works in close collaboration with the policymakers such as representatives of local community, municipal decision makers and establishments like Ministry for education, science and sport, the Employment Service of Slovenia and its branches and Social Work Centers. One of the members of Zavod Bob has been chosen as an ambassador of structured dialogue, an activity carried out by Youth Council of Slovenia, that puts our organization on the map of important stakeholders in the dialogue with the policy makers. Also, one Zavod Bobs employee is representing youth centers of Slovenia in Government Council for Youth, as well as one employee representing youth sector in Municipality Council for Youth.

- Zavod Bob has ten years of experience in working with participants from the target group, following and answering their needs and dilemmas, their resources, supporting them in creation of different projects and actions etc.
- Since 2007 more than 1500 participants participated in numerous youth participation development and community work projects of Zavod Bob.
- Zavod Bob has the status of organization in the public interest in the youth sector, in which we are a recognized organization in the development of methodologies of street work in Ljubljana - we coordinate Mreža Mlada ulica, a network of nine youth organizations, conducting street work with 35 street workers and so have direct street access to the young from the target group (so called NEET youth). Mreža Mlada ulica organized the first National Conference of Youth Street Work in Slovenia in 2014. We have been pursuing another street field work project called Bob geto feat. Tobalko Vila since autumn 2012 addressing non-institutional counselling for youth. Each year there is 10 field youth workers involved in implementing the activities of the project, appearing twice a week in different public places where the gatherings of youth are detected.
- Activities of Zavod Bob are strongly affecting the context of field work and community building. Since 2014 there is a group of professional community street workers from Zavod Bob, človekINJE, involved in the socially responsible campaign created by the Municipality of Ljubljana called: “Človek, čuvaj svoje mesto, samo eno imaš”. The process of offering support to the community is set to create a dynamic system that will enable needs to be answered and the local problems to be resolved by the community stakeholders.
- In the field of non-formal education, we have nine years of enriching experience: since 2008 performing a publicly validated program Project Learning for Young Adults, annually we develop and implement at least one project under the Erasmus +, since 2012, at least four youth participation projects are carried out annually by the support of public funds of the Office of Youth in Ljubljana.
- Since 2013 we are implementing workshops of Theatre of the Oppressed. More than 60 participants attended, created and performed 9 different social awareness performances at various locations in Ljubljana and Maribor and in international cultural gatherings.
- Since our mission is ensuring active participation and social engagement, we have representatives in different local and national structures and councils. In years 2015 and 2016 we also implemented a national project of structured dialogue between youth and decision makers.
- Zavod Bob is an active member of the national network Mreža Mama (Network of Slovene youth centres), L'MIT – The Network of Info Points in Ljubljana, PPMS – Association for Prevention Programs for Young People, and Slovene network of volunteering organizations.
- Since 2009 we implemented or cooperated in several international projects i.e. mobility of youth and youth workers, transnational initiatives, EVS projects etc. We are a coordinating organisation in a strategic partnership under Erasmus +, called PYTBUL, aiming at developing tools and programs for supporting youth in improving their position in the labor market and (self)employability.
- Zavod Bob is a member of national network of organizations, which use living library as method of teaching people about social labeling and discrimination.
- Last but not least: Zavod Bob won a National Award in the Youth Sector for the year 2015, granted by the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth.

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