Arts Council of Greece

Encouraging the Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries in Greece and Internationally, by Enhancing Creativity, Social and Cultural Investment.


The Arts Council of Greece - ACG is an association, and does not represent public or private sectors cultural, artistic or creative organisations or individuals. The ACG supports in various ways creativity, education and cultural developments and related industries or sectors and research, monitor and explicates the cultural market, policy structures, the regulatory framework and the cultural political choices, suggesting and promoting healthy practices and new cultural models, through its conferences and events and by promoting cultural productions. The ACG is against contemporary deculturalisation phenomena and supports the idea of a Hellenic strategic regional cultural policy plan.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Ministries (Internationally)
Governmental Bodies
Established Independent Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries Organisations
Sponsoring Organisations
Funding Bodies

Type of expertise/competence offered

Arts Council of Greece internal board, associates, members and affiliated bodies.
A variety of arts, cultural and creative industries actors and professionals coming from different backgrounds and disciplines.
Outsourcing professionals (case by case).
Academics, independent researchers.

Fields:Arts, Cultural, Creative Industries, Heritage, Diplomacy, Economy, Entertainment, Recreation, Education, Tourism, Sports, Health, Welfare, Societal Awareness, Mobility, Immigration, Refugees, LGBT, Minorities.

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