ValeConsultores - Social Consultancy

We are a company focused on the improvement and development of the social area, and it is our purpose to support Institutions, Municipalities and Public and Private Companies to develop strategies that produce significant impacts on the functioning of their structures, in providing services to their clients and in improving their competitiveness.


ValeConsultores is a company that provides consulting services in several areas, namely the social area. We supported Private Institutions of Social Solidarity, Non-Governmental Organizations, Associations, Foundations, etc. The services we provide are incorporated in the following areas of intervention: Management Consulting, Financial Consulting, Legal Consultancy, Applications to Community Funds, Studies and Projects, Social Responsibility Plans, Integrated Management Systems, Support in the Implementation of Social Projects, Evaluation of Social Impact and many more. We believe that we are the right partner so that institutions working in the social area can develop and generate more social impact in their area of intervention.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We look for institutions that want to create, develop or implement social intervention projects.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We are a company that is truly specialized in the implementation and monitoring of social projects. Our highly competent consultants with social and financial literacy qualifications are the guarantor of rigorous and well-structured projects. We have already been able to implement and create various social projects in Portugal and we are currently monitoring international projects.

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