Open Your Eyes Association

Our Organisation was born from the desire to bring people together, to help raise awareness that we are not very different from each other and we can work together to make life more pleasant and meaningful for every one of us. Our goal is to bring awareness about what is really important in life, what best defines character and personal values, morality and virtue. Values that make for a life have meaning and purpose, changing the way we see the world and the people around us.


Growing up, we had few if any examples of morality and virtue in our society, seeing how the system (gov.) is systematically sabotaging the State Institutions, such as Health Care, Education, State owned businesses and factories, etc. so personally I wanted to be an example for myself and why not to others. So about 7 years ago, Open Your Eyes org. was founded. We had 0 support from the local institutions with whom we were supposed to make partnerships in order for the project to be eligible and funded (this happens because, sadly, all the people in charge of all those/our institutions expect compensation! for their signature and stamp, because that is all they do! no one cares about what kind of project you have, what and who it involves.. and even though we tried their way, we didn`t have enough to even make it in the office from where we needed just approval and affiliation, for us to implement training courses for people in rural areas, so they would qualify for a series of professions). So we were not able to organize a project of our own, and we volunteered in implementing other projects, one from the National Antidrug Agency, and another one about bringing awareness about sex education, sexual myths and taboos, pregnancy, contraception, to high school teens. We hope that maybe others that see the world similar to how I see it, would give us a chance and support us to implement our own projects, and not be limited by our government . This country, despite its flaws, is where a lot of the smartest minds are born; every year our children bring olympic medals from maths, physics, computer science and others. So we want to support, encourage and be there for others, offer what is needed, and through this to reverberate a sense of solidarity and positive personal attributes.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Any Organisation that resonates with our goals and wants to extend their knowledge and good will is more then welcome to get in touch with us. We are open to any ideas, and thankful for any thoughts.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We have a psychologist, myself, an attorney , and economics expertise. And also, we can get volunteers for our activities, from high schools and universities.

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