ASproAS- Romanian Association of Social Workers

ASproAS is an organization founded by a group of social workers that believe that changing people’s lives can change the world. We know that we can support people to grow by helping them to increase their ability to learn and their acquisition of knowledge and skills. And through this, we can widen people's world and empower them to use the available resources in a better way and make better choices for themselves and for their communities!


Our mission is to improve quality of life due to the implementation of community projects for the local community, as well as offering operational and financial support social workers that work in the community services, developing institutional capacity of local government, develop innovative answer to the community problems, facilitate the public-private partnerships, growth people knowledge and skills and organizing seminars, workshops, consulting, research and trainings.

Our organization has already implemented international youth exchanges and other types of projects supported by our funds. ASproAS is a member of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and is organizing, each year since 2013, a complex package of activities (workshops, trainings, street flash mob, and exhibitions) related to the World Social Work Day. So the organization has experience and knowledge for the development of the applications for youth projects on the international level as well as implementation of workshops, conferences and trainings, as well as expertise in the field of capacity building of communities, professional grow, human rights, social inclusion of people from excluded groups etc.

Type of partner/expertise sought

The partner can be public or private bodies, with the activity developed in any european countries. We are interested in partnerships with organisations active in the field of social services and working with people from disadvantaged groups, in order to raise the level of social inclusion and promote equality and transparency in offering support to such groups.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Our topics of focus:
1. Youth: Identifying, promoting and implementing activities that bring together young students in social work and encourage them to participate in national and international youth activities.
2. Community development: Support community development as a key method of addressing issues of poverty, inequality, discrimination, and exclusion;
3. Professional and personal development: Promote quality training programs, research, practice exchange, and support for social workers and youth workers in social filed;
4. Social policies: Identifying, promoting, developing and advocating policies that correspond to the needs of the society as well as respect the rights and needs of individuals; lobbying and advocating the recognition of the value of social work and promoting and implementing its standards.
5. Human Rights: Promoting social cohesion, equal opportunities, tolerance, intercultural dialogue and understanding in order to promote equality in the society. Advocating for combating poverty and social exclusion policies aiming at equal opportunities, developing programs and activities that are focusing people with limited resources.
6. Volunteerism: Adoption and implementation of laws, policies and measures to support, promote and facilitate volunteering by young people; Advocating for the recognition and appreciation of the benefits of volunteering, both for an individual and for society, as well as acknowledgement of the skills, competences and attitudes gained through volunteering by promoting non-formal certificates as a recognition tool.
7. Communication & Media: Developing and coordinating international activities between members; exchange of information, having communication as the main field of interest; Ensuring the availability of and access to information enabling people participation.

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