MARGARITA Vocational Training Centre

MARGARITA is a education and vocational training center for people with intellectual disabilities. The services MARGARITA offers are: 1. Education and specialized vocational training 2. Employment 3. Employment Opportunities 4. Parallel Support Services 5. Supported Living


V.T.C. Margarita as an educational entity focusing on intellectual disabilities has a curriculum that promoted the autonomy of its beneficiaries, their inclusion by investigating and creating ways of accesibility in the society. A large part of the population of the beneficiaries in V.T.C. Margarita is adults and a significant proportion of them has been integrated in the employment market as workers.
V.T.C. Margarita’s educational model is based on pre-vocational and vocational training, as well as programs about everyday living skills. These services aim at the maximum possible autonomy and the social integration of people with intellectual disabilities.
Self-advocacy is the ultimate goal to be achieved, especially for those who have recovered professionally. This entails systematic work with the families of the beneficiaries and the social services of the organization as well as the development of activities that contribute to achieving the main objective, such activities are the education program in supported living, internship program in real workplaces, supported employment services, etc.
In the framework of developing self-advocacy activities, Margarita took the initiative and created a committee of “Margarita” ’s students that has been elected to represent the student body. The Committee is an important element of the everyday life of the organization as it is the voice of the people with mental disabilities. No one else is more aware of the everyday problems they face, their needs and the rights some of them have after so many years learned to assert. Through self-advocacy they learn how to assert their rights and become active citizens and an involved part of the society.
On Supported Employment, V.T.C. Margarita is a member of the EASPD Committee on Supported Employment (
At this moment we run a pilot project for a model of social entrepreneurship in the field of Catering that we have developed and we hope soon enough it will be launched in the open market.
The Service for Incorporation in the Work Environment has incorporated in the labour market 30 of our graduates, whereas today it supports 14 employed graduates in order for them to sustain their job. Group meetings are organized between the responsible social worker of the service to support our employed graduates, whereas, when considered necessary, visits at the work place, personal meetings with the employee and/or with his/her family take place.
The key personnel in these actions are professionals with studies in the fields of psychology, social work and education and have practical experience of many years in order to plan and implement effective activities that enable the self-advocacy of people with intellectual disabilities.

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intellectual disability

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intellectual disability

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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