Association “Sustainability of progressive and open communication”

Development of social and civic skills and competencies; of European values; of Mental health and better life; evolve and test innovative approaches , methodologies and other instruments, oriented to improvement of the education and functioning of the civil society and achievement of European cohesion;


Association „SPOC“ is founded in 2011 with the purpose of assisting the development of social and civil abilities, to consolidate European values in stimulating youth initiatives and sustainable development of the society, to co-operate with institutions and central and local authorities and to expand the social partnership by enrolling representatives of the institutions in the process, to develop and test innovative methodologies and approaches, directed towards improvement of the training process and functioning of the civil society. The emphasis of the conducted by the Association activities is on the prevention, training and development of practical faculties and habits for adolescents and youths to cope with social conflicts and extreme situations. With those complex activities in the schools we manage to create a sense of responsibility towards the society and consistent attitude for respect the life, health, property and opinion of the others. Association SPOC and its team of experts and specialists in different fields of the social life and science have developed a range of projects and activities in the field of human rights, safety and security of the society, protection of different marginalized groups and people at risk, awareness raising, development of tolerant attitude among the society and combating xenophobia, discrimination and racism, prevention, education and training, etc.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Organizations with experience in campaigns for changing attitudes, prevention of mental health, children at risk, youth participation, anti-discrimination etc.

Type of expertise/competence offered

- Project ,,Adaptation of newly recognized refugees and refugee children’’ - The specific goals of the project are: to strengthen the areas of freedom, security and justice by giving the opportunity of additional teaching for refugee children, including unattended juveniles and minors and support of social orientation and cultural adaptation of children refugees and newly recognized refugees; to be conducted additional training aiming at better assimilation of Bulgarian language, Maths and other nature sciences for children refugees, including unattended juveniles and minors.

- Project „Exchange of practices and creation of a model to limit hate speech by creating a culture of tolerance and recognizing diversity“-The project is prompted by a declared necessity from the refugees target group and minority acceptance and tolerance side. It is extremely actual due to the refugee wave, the presence of numerous ethnic and religious minorities, stimulating the root and development of a xenophobic adjustments and movements contrary to the democratic values and practices that harshly violate citizens’ rights and dignity.

- "Promoting the bilateral relations and analyzing the Icelandic model for prevention” - The primary aim of the project is knowledge exchange for combating drugs use and organized crime between Bulgaria and Iceland and to add value to the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Iceland by accomplishing a new inter-institutional collaboration between the two organizations.

- Project - “Increasing the capacity of SPOC through the development of a support system for children that are experiencing grief” - The project is necessary due to the lack of sufficient capacity for supporting children in their efforts to cope with grief as well as the ignorance, demonstrated towards the multicultural specifics of the grief. The loss of children’s relatives carries potential risk, leading to difficulties in the school performance and the appearance in the sociable.

- Project "We understand and support you" - The activity aims to explore in depth the topic of the socially rooted prejudices in regard to the mentally ill people, and to shed light on the problems they experience in the process of integration; to outline the tools, necessary to conduct an early prevention of stigma; to create a solid base for further development and implementation of campaigns for combating discrimination in Bulgaria.

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