NooA - the Nordic open online Academy

NooA - the Nordic open online Academy is a private online school that can develop and provide flexible online courses in collaboration with organisations that need cost effective and flexible distribution of courses.


NooA - the Nordic open online Academy ( - was established as a private online school and accredited by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research in 2012.
NooA has developed more than 100 online courses in Scandinavian languages and English. The students can start whenever they want, follow their individual pace and study anytime anywhere. The teachers are part-time employed, living in various regions of Norway and in several other countries.

NooA’s aim is to become an international centre for online courses and programs, and it has more than 2.000 registered users in 35 countries. The courses are offered through the multilingual, open source, learning platform Moodle. All courses are completely online and based on the Theory of Cooperative Freedom and Transparency in Online Education.
The theory argues that adult online students often are busy with work and family commitments. Therefore, online education can help students reach their learning goals through optimal individual flexibility in a learning community where they can be resources for each other without being dependent on each other. The theory also argues that transparency provides better quality and more cooperation in online education.

Type of partner/expertise sought

NooA is interested in collaboration with organizations that have information and knowledge they would like to disseminate through flexible online courses to their members, partners or other learners in several countries.

Type of expertise/competence offered

NooA provides services and competency in international and flexible online education.

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