Oswiecim Gmina (rural municipality)

Gmina Oświęcim is medium, rural municipality located in east-south Poland.


Our municipality - Gmina Oswiecim consists of 13 villages surrounding the town of Oswiecim. During the World War II, in one of them, existed a Nazi concentration camp Auschwiz 2 / Birkenau. Currently in that place there is a museum. Our Gmina takes the area of about 75 km2 with the population of 18 thousand people. It is in the vast majority the area of detached housing with disappearing agricultural activities. There are only several medium-size factories and small investment areas. We also have an areas belong to Natura 2000 programme.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are looking for other municipalities and non-governmental organization which are interested in above topics and have experiences in them (for example: have their own local product or brand, take activities about historical policy or natural environment, they implement solutions in the topic of citizens participation etc.). We also want to know a good practices in those few areas - especially the ones that have permanent impact in local community.
The most interesting partners for us are organizations or municipalities existing in the same or similar environment and circumstances.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We have experience in projects about natural environment - especially activities in areas belonging to Natura 2000 programme (implemented with ecological non-governmental organisation). Now - we start to learn about local product, transparency and citizens participation.

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