ACPSI Pakiv - Association Center Promote Social Inclusion


ACPSI Pakiv was founded following a project organized by the Association of Roma Women in Romania AFRR. ACPSI Pakiv functions as a center promoting social inclusion of disadvantaged people.ACPSI Pakiv is a structure with legal personality and operates as an NGO.
ACPSI– Pakiv, is an organization of general interest non-patrimonial character that defends the rights and interests of its members through the following objectives :
• The development of educational programs and prevention through health care and social inclusion of disadvantaged people in order.
• Promote training courses and retraining of low skills.
• Elaboration and publication of documentary.
• Organizing training programs for association members.
• Promoting Volunteerism at National and International level.
• Making or what other legal activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the association.
We have experience in developing projects in partnership :

Description of proposed activity or project

looking institutions in Norway; Sweden etc for development projects in social inclusion of Roma

Type of partner/expertise sought

ACPSI Pakiv wishes to participate in projects to support the Roma minority in the fields of education; health; entrepreneurship; Environment and sustainable development
Democracy; Human rights; Minorities and social inclusion; Equal opportunities;Gender;Children and Youth;Health;Culture;Regional and local development;NGO capacity building;Education / Human Resources Development;Anti-racism and anti-discrimination.
We have experience in developing projects in partnership :

Type of expertise/competence offered

We have expertise in projects with partners in the field of social inclusion; Anti-racism and anti-discrimination; entrepreneurship; social and educational projects for children and families in developing Roma project are repatriated.In this we are involved in finding jobs and social situation has been restored in collaboration with local government to enter the family rights and for their children. Following aid Roma have never left from Romania
We have experience in developing projects in partnership :

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