Plegma NGO

Plegma NGO has been operating since 2014 with the mission of providing cultural products regardless age, gender, economic status and educational level.


Our activities aim to reduce the social exclusion of minorities and specific target groups through the enhancement of their access to cultural resources and activities while reinforcing social cohesion and intercultural dialogue. Plegma has already cooperated with Medicine sans Frontiers (MsF) and has been supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, and UNESCO Hellas and local entities such as municipalities and local governments.
Our main activities are: Performing Arts, Dance, Festival, Networking, Produccion, Cultural Managment, Cultural Change, Exchange

Description of proposed activity or project

Plegma NGO is planning to begin a project in Athens, Greece, aiming the establishment of a community of creative elderly people. The seniors take part in artistic activities and develop their fantasy experiencing intergenerational
sharing, while creating the sense of community. They work on different artistic formats, rehearse and produce cultural events while improving their physical condition through gaming and practice. A community of creative seniors improves their life quality (health and psychology), provides a space for expression and productivity for a constantly increasing social minority, contributes to the economic circle of cultural life as well as to the family economy and establishes a unity of elderly for further / future rights claiming.

This social group has been constantly ignored by a big part of the Greek society, facing racism and social exclusion, but especially after the Greek crisis it has been neglected by the country's administration as well. According to the latest Greek statistics the economic crisis has worsened both health and psychological condition of the seniors, who are facing loneliness and depression. At the same time the demographics show that the number of this social group has been internationally -in Greece as well- increasing.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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