EMOTIONS Association

,, Emotions " Association- founded in April 2016 (a desire older than 5 years, a period that has allowed time analysis) aims to create, sustain multiple actions / programs to help develop the emotional health children and adolescents. We proposed to create the emotion, to develop, to share with all supporters and participants in our actions. Events / actions taken shy but firm in the short period of activity, were rewarded ... with emotions! We continue to achieve our purpose through the actions that we are working and we will constantly inform the accomplishments of our association.


,,Emotions " Association aims to promote physical, mental and emotional children, adolescents and young people, educating them toward self-knowledge and personal development. The association also proposes help them to acquire the necessary preparation of a good personal and professional achievements in life, promoting the values of specific socio-cultural identity Romanian, creating a collective responsibility and individual with a higher social cohesion

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