“Inovacijų akademija” is non-governmental organization, which is working in the field of non-formal entrepreneurial education.


Our goal is to help proper direct their existing abilities and develop necessary professional and interpersonal skills needed in their social life and the working environment, as well as gain entrepreneurial thinking. Our organization focus is based on definite principles of innovation, personalized learning, stewardship, and growth. We promote it using business acceleration philosophy through real challenges/case studies from the private and public sectors. We think that it is “must” condition for the prosperous ecosystem creation in the knowledge based economies.
We are using non-formal learning methods which combine STEM and social sciences, to empower youth unlock their creativity using new approach, which is critical in execution of different challenges in idea development. And by means of problem based learning and co-creation, we trying to drive a cultural change towards open innovation, and development of new competences both on: individual and organizational levels.

Type of expertise/competence offered

“Inovacijų akademija” founders experience: Tomas Petronis: from 2014 Co-coordinator of 2 national wide projects (INOVEKS, Techno-start) (theme business university collaboration) implemented together with Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, 5 science and technology parks, 3 universities and 2 open access centers. Tomas, as projects partners representative, was responsible for a selection process of the best ideas from undergraduate, post-graduate, PhD students and young scientists, to generate, refine business ideas and establish new high added value technology start-ups, getting advice in creating a model and a prototype and get preferential conditions for businesses development. Tomas was using personally helped 45 startups from varies fields (IT, energy, laser technologies and etc.). From 2013 Responsible for green ICT sector growth and international ICT projects. Also, work with students and business representatives, in co-creation and entrepreneurship projects as facilitator, responsibilities include: creation of technological innovations in business, evaluation of ideas, potential competition and adaptation to market needs, business growth, business management and development. All help was transferred using PBL method, which was supported with NABC, design thinking, service design and other models. Also Tomas was responsible for European e-Skills Week awareness raising campaign, where the main aim is to inspire generation of young people to get digital and find their first job in ICT and develop career path. Edgaras Kriukonis: From the beginning of 2012 he works as Demola Vilnius facilitator, and has already facilitated more than 40 teams. Edgaras consulted more than 50 companies helping them to build cases for projects co-creation involving multidisciplinary teams of students. He helped SME’s to identify challenges, create and implement students’ attraction plans and facilitate Demola teams during 3-4 months implementation process. Edgaras is fluent using such co-creation practices as Tuckman team building tools, design thinking, NABC, BMC, etc. Edgaras has 5 years’ experience consulting SME’s in other fields: development and verification of the concept of innovative product, management of innovative product development cases, responsible for R&D activities, etc. Edgaras has 4 year work experience as consultant in various entrepreneurship projects for students (START, INOVEKS), R&D institutions (Inolaboratorija) and 2 year experience as consultant in technology transfer project (BONITA).

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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