Andalusian Asociation for Childhood Support (ALDAIMA)

The Andalusian Asociation for Childhood Support (ALDAIMA) from Granada (South of Spain) is a collaborative organisation of the Andalusian regional government dedicated to promote and carry out a role of mediation for foster care family integration and children protection; to facilitate the appropriate socio-emotional development of children and teenagers from a psychosocial, educational and preventive standpoint by involving directly these children/ teenagers and their foster family. We are a multidisciplinary team composed by psychologists, social workers, social educators and lawyers professionals who has established an active networking relationship with other professional organisations, NGOs and Public entities. We offer psychosocial, therapeutic and training services in the area of Childcare, Youth, Gender and Family.


The Association is governed by a Board of Directors composed by a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The association is structured in several departments, implementing the operational programmes managed by the organisation. In each department, a team leader co-ordinates psychologists, social workers, social educators and lawyers professionals. The organisation´s Secretary is in charge of Quality assurance issues.
Nº of employees with permanent contract: 14
Nº of permanent volunteers: 20
Nº of temporary volunteers: 30

We develop our activity following 4 priority key actions:
• Specialised therapeutic intervention with people who experienced serious family conflicts;
• Family foster care placement;
• Social and vocational insertion of teenagers and youth at risk of exclusion;
• Research and Training on Gender, Childhood and Family.

Childhood: Our activity in this field is dedicated to give a family alternative to young minor people at risk of abandonment by:
• managing the needed resources to assure their development and well-being;
• providing specific therapeutic intervention;
• scheduling with the oldest ones individual training paths to improve their social and vocational insertion.
Youth: We design training and insertion programmes to contribute to a suitable social integration of these young people. In addition, we give information and advice to parents and careworkers about availables resources.
Families: We provide families with legal and psychosocial support necessary for the suitable exercice of their parent´s/foster parent´s functions; specialised assessment and empowerment for the education and care of childrens under their responsability.
Unemployed people: We also design social and labour insertion programmes for Women and Youth victims of domestic violence.

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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