Speranta (Hope)Association -for children and adults with mental disorders

Our purpose is to improve living conditions and social inclusion of children with autistic spectrum disorders in the eastern part of Romania.


Speranta Association ( Speranta=Hope) was founded by a group of heartily, motivated parents in 1997.

All our actions and activities take into account the needs of children with autistic spectrum disorders. The quality of our service for children with disabilities has allowed us accreditation on social services. In these 18 years of activity we have developed, diversified and now offer recovery programs for children with other diagnoses as well: pervasive developmental disorders, mental retardation, Down Syndrome.
The Day Center “T. Speranta” offers specialized services: therapeutic intervention, family counseling, socialization and leisure activities, community reintegration. A multidisciplinary team consisting of psychologist, educator, social worker, parents counselor for the child and family. Our Therapies involve working in a one -to - one or group approach on a schedule adapted to the child’s needs, with clearly established targets.
Other current activities include: organizing leisure time trips for our beneficiary and their families ; coordinating awareness campaigns to increase the general level of knowledge about autism in our local community;

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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