Akademika 245 is a nonprofit public benefit organization aimed at young people and adults to support the process of their organization, motivation and presentation of ideas related to democratic citizenship and human rights, European standards and better way of life in the fields of education, culture, health, social policy, sport and tourism.


Akademika 245 believes in equality between people regardless their age, gender, religion, ethnicity. Everyone has the right to live and get the best for him and for a society founded on the principles enshrined in the Convention on Human Rights. We believe that everyone is part of a whole and has the power to share and give opinion, give advice and take part in a European active civil society.Term objectives of the Centre are:
• To develop the capacity of children and young people;
• To develop skills of self-organization of the various community groups and between them;
• To increase the participation of adults in lifelong learning;
• Promotion of consistent and accountable public policy that provides equal access to quality education, quality health care and social services, sports and culture, as well as monitoring and feedback for improvement of policy measures and practices.

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