ASSOCIATION FOR ART AND YOUTH INITIATIVES “THE STUDIOUS” gives all children and young people who want to develop their acting skills an opportunity to create and perform on stage, to extend their knowledge, develop their creativity, to fall in love with the art of the theatre for lifetime.


AIMI “THE STUDIOS” is a voluntary association of people that does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, education level, religion, and nationality. The main goals of the association are:

To help the Bulgarian children and young people develop spiritual values by:

Communication and cultural practices for social responsibility

Promotion of ideas for culture and cultural exchange between young people

Organization of different events that develop the cognitive, physical and cultural activities of young people

Organization of social, cultural and educational activities for children and young people.

2. To make a meaningful contribution to the development of culture, cultural and spiritual activities and environment, education and other initiative like:

Helping create strategic prerequisites for sustainable environment of quality cultural production

Helping the development and strengthening the spiritual values of society

Working for active collaboration between state, international and private cultural institutions and organizations

Vouching for legislative changes in the sphere of cultural policy, mediating between art and business stakeholders

Developing cultural, educational and public projects

Cooperating to protect the environment through our main activities and our work with young people

Consulting stakeholders and organizations about the opportunities to develop and implement different cultural, educational, and social events and projects

Actively mediating and cooperating with people and organizations who wish to implement projects, activities and events in the sphere of culture, education and social initiatives.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are looking for partners in the field of art (all kinds) working with children and young people

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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