Adult Eucation Center , non for profit with emphasis to disadvantaged citizens and their social empowerment. Member of EAEA and active promoter of Outreach -Empowerment and Diversity values .In aliance with CYCLISIS and LPfA for the promotion of the'learning lifewide".Target group in specific: Roma popultion of Dytiki Achaia . Coordinator of TOPEKO ( Local Inititiative for Social Vulnerable groups) entitled " ahaiaroma'


Core perspective of the institution is to serve the reciprocal and critical consciousness of all involved in the life long learning voyage respecting the multiple roles and social status of the adults in relation to that ; unemployed or employed/ retired, parents or educators all symbolic representatives from a broader scope of cultures and lifestyles.

In order this to be realized, awareness of the ‘ need’ is in the core of the practices taking part; either of skills development (short Training Plannings and Courses on demand) or / and through the critical human exchange of ideas and values reflective process (as citizens of a democratic milieu) by applying Adult Education action research procedures [ formative and responding evaluation]. Non formal educational activities are basically implemented by the cultural department CYCLISIS based on FILM seminars and peer mentoring strategies.Member of European Networks as: EAEA - www.eaea.org; NILE _ www.intercultural-learning.net; OED- www.oed-network.eu .
Strategies employed: peer mentoring, view n act, etc.
Current EU project running : ARis ( www.arisproject.eu)
EDGE ( www.edgeproject.eu)

Type of partner/expertise sought

Adult Education providers , NGOs in the field of Roma / migrants empowerment, expertise in curriculum development and civil and democratic values courses

Type of expertise/competence offered

Eu project development,educational scenarios, evaluation, research activities, dissemination strategy,workshop organising , etc

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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