Roma Women Association in Romania is an non-gouvernmental organization active operating in human rights protection and social inclusion since 1996. Its mission is to defend the rights of Roma women and provide support for the development and expression of ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity of its members. To accomplish its mission, RWAR established the following objectives: • improving access of Roma women on the labor market • facilitating access to quality education • providing health education and reproductive health for women • Social Insurance • protection of Roma women and children RWAR works in partnership with public institutions in Romania to develop social programs for Roma communities in general and emancipation of Roma women in particular. For its projects, RWAR received funding over time from prestigious institutions, such as: U.S. Ambasy at Bucharest, Soros Foundation – Women’s Program, European Comision PHARE, Global Women’s Foundation – San Francisco, USAID Roumania, Mondial Bank, Johns Hopkins University – USA, UNICEF, EAST – WEST Network for Women Foundation -New York etc.


Projects developed by RWAR:

1. Literacy Program for Roma children and youths – District 1 and 2 Bucharest – Financing: UNICEF

2. P.C. initiation courses – Financing FDSC Romania

3. Information about contraceptives and family planning program in the traditional Roma communities – Financing: Soros Foundation

4. Training 20 young Roma, boys and girls, as mediators – Financing: Save the Children and MSF

5. Newsletter “Femina” for informing – SUA Embassy in Bucharest; Mama Cash Foundation; East-West, NY, New York, USA

6. “Roma Women Can do it” – project financed through the Stability Pact in South East Europe in partnership with the Otto Beneke Foundation – Germany

7. The creation of the first network of Roma women NGO’s in South Eastern Europe. Financing – Soros Foundation.

8. Information and Ethnic Non-discrimination Campaign in District 2, Bucharest, in partnership with District 2 City Hall and the National Council for Fighting Discrimination:

9. The creation of the first Center for Information and Counseling for the Roma in district 2 in partnership

10.Seminar: “Get involved in the programs for the Roma”with District 2, Bucharest.

11. Trainings for 10 Roma women as sanitary mediators in District 2 – Bucharest. Financing – District 2 Bucharest and Romani Criss

12. “Community Development for the Roma Program” in partnership with the National Agency for the Roma and City hall District 2, Bucharest.

13. “The little ecologist” drawing contest for students in the school – Program in partnership with National Agency for Environment Protection; District 2 City Hall, General School no. 30

14. The seminar: ‘Options, priorities, opportunities for young Roma”. Partners: Amare Romenza Center and City Hall District 2, Bucharest

15. Workshop: “Creating the first network of Roma women organizations in South East Europe” – Financing: Soros Foundation

16. The seminary “European Lobby for the Women Organizations from Romania”- in partnership with The Feminist Analysis Society ANA, The European Women’s Lobby-EWL (Lobby Europeen des Femmes- LEF) and Bucharest City hall District 2. The purpose of this seminary is to consult with women’s associations from Romania in order to find solutions for cooperation at European level on problems like discrimination, women rights, equal chances between man and women by working directly with European Union’s institutions: European Parliament, European Commission and Council of Ministers of European Union.

17. “Women- promoters of local development”. During the meeting was promoted the website whose first action was to promote 18 new farmhouses from 10 Romanian Fagaras villages.

18. “Anti discrimination mediators training with Community Police District 2, Bucharest”. Project in partnership with The National Council for Fighting Discrimination, Bucharest City Hall District 2.

19. “Institutional Development Program” – Funding: OSI, Budapest

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