NGO ALL PEOPLE SERVICES was established to work communities projects, as Green Industry, Ecology, Social Services, Cultural, Educational* roma and other minorities groups training to get independent living acces to economic self-sufficiency and egual opportunity,
housing people with disabilities and elderly without support,
children and young people at risk sport and cultural activities etc

Type of partner/expertise sought

NGO APS, Romania is looking to find a partner for evaluation of projects and programmes, programming and strategic planning, to meet the needs of the communities , strengthening civic participation at the local level, etc.

Type of expertise/competence offered

NGO APS, a local, regional, national org.needs your long term cooperation and sustainable org. development, promoting our capacities and skill.
We need services as, evaluation, strategies concepts development, organisational consultancy, projects management support, education and training. In 25 years of democracy, Romania rurale area its in a same situation and 61% of romanians are settled in rural area, many of them having over 65 years old, being in a great demand of support.

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