United Societies of Balkans (U.S.B)

"United Societies of Balkans" is a Non Governmental Organization, founded in Thessaloniki in 2008 by a team of active young people, socially sensitized, and with rich experience around voluntary programs. Their vision was the promotion of youth mobility, youth involvement in volunteering and their further sensitizing around social issues.


Balkans and Eastern Europe are geographical regions with many cultural features which offer a broad spectrum of actions and youth involvement initiatives. The organization was created as a respond to the pressure of constant changes in the Balkan and Eastern European region and under the need for the creation of a better social environment.
Key areas of the organization's activities concern the defense of human rights, the organization of youth exchanges and training courses, which will bring young people from Balkans and Europe together, the organization of local educational seminars and multimedia production.

Main goals of the organization:
• to break the stereotypes and prejudices between Balkan countries;
• to find and multiply our cultural elements;
• to build bridges among Balkan and East European countries and Europe;
• to work with minorities and immigrants;
• to promote human rights, solidarity and the idea of respecting the different;
• to support the values of non formal education, voluntarism, active citizenship and democracy in order to build a better future for the European generation.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Any type of organization related with the filled of our objectives.

For the best implementation of the projects proposed above, we need abroad partners from the north of Europe, such as from Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland who have expertise in the field of human rights and multimedia production, especially for our EVS Media project and also for our Youth exchanges and Training Courses projects.

If you are interested in becoming our partner, please reply to us as soon as possible.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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