Lifeline Hellas Humanitarian Organization

Lifeline Hellas is an organization providing humanitarian help with emphasis in children and basic human survival needs.


HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia founded the humanitarian organization Lifeline in 1993 in London and then in Athens, Chicago, New York and Toronto who have partnered with the foundation of " HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation" in Belgrade.
During these difficult years for Serbia, Lifeline and Princess Katherine as responsible, from the Ministry of Health for the social health, provided a large proportion of the humanitarian support which was distributed throughout the former Yugoslavia. The activities were extended to the reconstruction of many hospitals, kindergartens, medical equipment, support of institutions, schools, etc. and continue till now.
Lifeline Hellas and Lifeline UK provide support only to Greece where there are important needs due to the difficult situation now. One of the major activities of the organizations is to offer medical equipment to children's hospitals and support children’s institutions.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Public body, NGO or any institution with expierence of developing such kind of models that will help us work this project and transfer their know how in our experts.

If possible the deliverable will be a joint action in order to test the findings of the model.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We offer expierence of fund raising in 4 countries, a vast range of actions taken in the past and the expertise taken from Greece, that can be used as model for Balkan and eastern Europe territory in general.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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