Institute for Regulatory Policy Research

The mission of INERP is the quantitative and qualitative research and analysis of Regulatory Policies for Public Administration. The outcomes of this research are provided to both public and private sectors, as well as unions of civil society that are interested in the improvement of Regulatory Governance. In addition INERP aims to increase awareness of every interested citizen or organization, in Greece or abroad, on the improvement of Regulatory Governance through quantitative and qualitative research of Regulatory Policies.


a NGO - Think Tank focusing on research and analysis of Regulatory Policies for Public Administration in Greece, Europe and all over the world; it fulfills its objectives by undertaking policy analysis, promoting public dialogue, engaging in networking activities and implementing projects and programmes in selected regions and areas of competence

Academic research
by increasing awareness on the improvement of Regulatory Governance through advanced research for Regulatory Policies.

As an active Think Tank, INERP develops a multidisciplinary approach and methodology in order to analyse public policies beyond fragmented approaches of exact and pure sciences.

It organizes also scientific research, educational programs, teaching and vocational training contributing to institution building and other activities providing assistance for developing in Europe and worldwide
INERP also provides Advanced services/advises
by supporting and providing knowhow
and expertise in:
• Regulatory Reform & Better Regulation agenda
o Impact Assessment (RIA- e-RIA)
o Measurement and reduction of administrative burdens by means of Standard Cost Model (SCM)
o Simplification of administrative procedures
o Simplification and codification of legislation
o Promotion of public consultation
• Reengineering of Public Organisations
• Strategic Leadership & Public Marketing
• Strategic Planning
• Implementation of public sector reforms and capacity building projects
• Performance management/budgeting

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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