Responsible Citizens

“Responsible Citizens” are a Greek civil non-profit organization which was set up in Larisa in the Prefecture of Thessaly, Greece, on 2011. The function of the organization is based on a specialized interscientific group of organizations, cooperators and members with experience in preparation-design and implementation of European and national programmes. Specially, the experience of its members comes from the participation in educational, human, social, cultural and environmental actions.


The means and activities of the organization, which will assist in the development of its strategic aims are:
• The specialized manpower and its abilities.
• The experience of the organization’s members through education, human, social, cultural and environmental actions and activities.
• The development and function of related informative web-spot.
• The organization of informative scientific, cultural and environmental exhibitions.
• The organization of exhibitions, meetings, conferences and workshops in relative issues.
• The organization of campaigns for the information and awareness of environmental, social, cultural and developing activities.
• The development of cooperations with third parties and webs of the society, in National and European level, which will aim at same, or similar targets.
• The participation in co-financed and European projects.

The members of the NGO “Responsible Citizens” have experience in organizing, coordinating and managing national and European projects related to vocational training, lifelong learning, adult education and counseling business and human resources. Moreover, they have the knowledge, background and professional experience in projects focused on volunteering and community service. More specifically, it is highlighted the preoccupation of our members with the coordination, promotion, and distribution actions for social inclusion, personal development, skills and abilities improvement of all target groups including vulnerable groups through counseling, planning of educational seminars, designing training programs plus organizing conferences and workshops focusing on participatory techniques.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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