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EURO 21 is a Organization with large expertise in working with children/person with any kind of handicap, promoting the healthy life style in school community, social and vocational inclusion of vulnerable groups, training the personnel working with those vulnerable groups, organizing special events to provide the role of the nutrition and the physical exercise in prevention of the illness


EURO 21 is a Non Goverment Organization established in July 1998 in Braila Town However, the founders of “EURO 21” begun their activities since 1994 helping in: planning and resource-finding through elaborating “LIEN” and “TACIS PHARE” E.U. programs in collaboration with Pazardjik, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Smolen Municipalities, Bulgaria and Volos Municipality, Greece.
Aim of the implemented projects was the participation of those Municipalities in European Community Programs with the following target groups: children from orphanages, elderly from “The House for the elderly”, handicapped children, Roma People, teenagers and vulnerable groups.
In order for the above to be accomplished, “EURO 21” has used the following methods-techniques administered by it’s multidisciplinary scientific team (Medical Doctor, Social Worker and Psychologist):
• Recording and assessing of handicapped children’s and their family’s socio-medical needs, using standardized questionnaires and interviewing each family.
• Scheduling and elaborating personal intervention programs based on the recorded needs of the child and family.
• Providing all commodities and necessary fees in order for the child to be medically treated in the country or abroad. (e.g. covering part of medical costs for child and the accompanying person while as well as accommodation and meal’s fees).
• Recording and assessing educational needs of the personnel working with children and handicapped people.
• Training of the personnel working with the handicapped (children/adults) in order to acquire a holistic approach in each case and thus improve quality of the service.
• Arranging and appropriately equipping therapeutic rooms.
• Selecting and using the necessary educational equipment for training needs of handicapped children.

“Euro 21” supported as well government institutions (e.g. Orphanages, “House for the elderly”, “Support Center for the Handicapped”) in organizing and entertaining events and has set up:
• a Social Service for handicapped children
• 3 Productive Centers for Handicapped Children / Adults (icon painting, handicrafts, office clerks)
• a School for vocational training in Social Professions
• a “Parent’s School”
• projects for the inclusion of Roma population of the area through the operation of a Medical-Social for Roma Person and projects for inclusion in labor market

1. Miss Katina Ahmad
Doctor with a long-term experience on issues that concern the scheduling of actions and interventions for the implementation of a social policy in an area (city or region) and for action against social exclusion and discrimination due to various reasons in health promotion and education in primary and secondary school community. Since 1992 she has an experience at a municipal level through the coordination of many national projects and European projects
2.Georgela Taranu
Psychologist with large expertise on issues concerning the social exclusion, training personnel working with children/youngsters with any kind of handicap, in organizing campaigns for promotion of the healthy life style , in organizing events for parents with children with handicap, instructor for 3 C therapy for children with autism , in implementation and evaluation of national and European projects.
3.Miss Nesteriuc Mariana
Sociologist with a long-term experience on issues concerning the social exclusion, health promotion and education in school community, in organizing campaigns , evens , in education of the personnel working with elderly, children/persons with handicap.

Type of partner/expertise sought

To elaborate and implement together a project under the EEA Grands and the NGO Programmes in Braila Romania and in Volos Greece concerning the social inclusion of the children/youngsters /person with any kind of handicap with emphasis visually impaired through the sport activities, providing the role of the adapted physical exercise in the rehabilitation/educational/vocational and social integration of those vulnerable groups in order to improve their quality of life.

Type of expertise/competence offered

training the voluntaries and the personal working with children/youngsters with handicap from the institutions of the General Direction for Social Assistance and Child Protection, School Inspectorate from Braila town -Romania and the youngsters with handicap from the Organization MAGNITES TYFLI in collaboration with the Municipal Organization of Health and Social Services from Volos town in Greece

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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