Foundation Betel Bulgaria

"Betel" is an International Christian Association for assistance to persons with any kind of odds. It was founded in 1985 and registered in the public interest. Headquarter is in Madrid, Spain.


The purpose of "Betel" is to reach the marginalized addicts. To awaken in them the instincts of self-preservation, desire for a full life and building moral values.
Betel began in Bulgaria in 2004.It’s registrared as a non-profit NGO.A years ago we began with a team of 3 volunteers and a small rented house for 8 dependents. Today we have own property for 30 people and a team of 15, some of them are exaddicted and volunteers.In our program they have found salvation . We invest in a rescue of lives . Heretofore in a last 10 years we have helped 1032 addicts, 689 were sent abroad by their own request in our centers in other EU countries, 1057 –Consulted parents, 54 sessions on the prevention of addictions and risky behavior among adolescents and young people across all the country.We have been realizing five projects for funding our social services with different sources of donating programs..

Type of partner/expertise sought

We prefer to build a reletionship with a Christian NGO's.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We can be helpful with our experience in effective helping of addicted people,homeless.prevention against all kinds of odds among the adolescents .Our well edducated volunteers are with experience of building and maintaining a protected houses for addicted people.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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