The ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN ASSOCIATIONS OF HERAKLION AND HERAKLION PREFECT, is an NGO, established in the year 2000, that belongs to the Voluntary Non Governmental Organizations, and operates at Heraklion Municipality, Crete. It is an organization for women’s and children rights; also it promotes culture and civilization


The association is active:
To the protection of women rights and the promotion of gender equality to Heraklion municipality and Crete region
To the support of women self help groups at Heraklion
To the protection of abandoned children of age 0-6
To the provision of shelter assistance and social service to violated and abused women and children
Actions of dissemination awareness raising and education for the women abused either at private level or social level (work etc).
Scientific provision of service (psychological support, legal advice, return of abused women to the labour market etc).
Mentoring to women on re entering to the labour market (women victims of domestic violence)
Counseling and coaching for women to return to normal life and support
SOS hotline operation for reporting domestic violence incidents and support (every day operation)
The provision of counseling and social services to women in danger and children
Promotion of FOSTER FAMILIES within society; awareness raising of public, training of executives

Type of partner/expertise sought

We seek Women NGO active on mentoring, counseling and international cooperation schemes to facilitate a continuous collaboration.
NGO with experience on international collaboration on social and scientific themes.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Counceling, mentoring, culture integration of gender issues to multicultural environment.
Foster families experience (for children abandoned or children of women victims).
Women protection and training,

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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