Teknologisk Institutt as

We offer technological expertise in a diverse range of industrial fields. Our strength lies in the ability to work across disciplines, identifying and exploiting synergies and potential for the benefit of our many customers.


TI offers personnel with high level of skills and expertise in a great number of areas, among others, development of industry technological solutions, including technology for the waste water industry, and transferring new technology to SMEs and large companies in its competence areas. TI is not an IPR holding or exploiting business. TI's activities are divided into the following business areas: Materials Technology, Product Development and Production Technology, Environment and Safety, R&D EU programmes, Indoor Environment, Calibration, Certification and Training Services. TI's material laboratory is one of the leading laboratories in Norway, strongly supported by the specialists knowledge of employees and the modern range of equipment used for undertaking materials and product tests which cover most industrial requirements. All tests performed, from raw materials to final products are in accordance with national or international standards, and TI possess considerable expertise in developing individual test programs in accordance with customers’ requirements. In addition, TI has fully equipped accredited laboratories for food safety and water analysis, material testing, mechanical workshops, accredited laboratory including Scanning Electron Microscope with X-ray analyzer, emission measurement equipment, electronic lab equipment, analytic lab for physical and chemical analysis, electronic laboratory facilities with low and medium frequency signal generation and measuring equipment, basic simulation and analysis software.

Type of partner/expertise sought

SME, Research Organisation/ University

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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