ELEPAP provides holistic rehabilitation services to children and adults since 1937 and operates 6 Rehabilitation Centers nationwide in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Volos, Chania, Agrinio.


ELEPAP supports infants, children, adolescents & adults with motor disability:(Cerebral Palsy, brain injuries, developmental disorders) in holistic interdisciplinary programs which aim to promote motor, sensory, cognitive, psychosocial, educational, social, vocational & independent living skills. ELEPAP provides assessment (gait lab), holistic rehabilitation programs, neuropsychological rehabilitation, family support services, vocational & recreational activities for adults. ELEPAP provides training & research opportunities to young professionals, organizes seminars, e learning & continuing education programs. Our aspiration is to create sheltered living facilities & telerehabilitation services.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Partners who are involved in assessment, rehabilitation, vocational and social integration services, sheltered living facilities for people with motor handicaps, CP, brain injuries, etc. Partners who have expertise in assistive technology, e learning, telerehabilitation and are interested in research, innovation and the participation in international networking. Organizations who want to implement and evaluate innovative services in another country in order to establish best practice guidelines.

Type of expertise/competence offered

ELEPAP can contribute with: a) its established scientific experience on holistic rehabilitation programs & innovative interventions b) Its interdisciplinary scientific personnel (Rehab medicine, orthopedic, child neurologist & psychiatrist, physiotherapists, occupational & speech therapists, psychologists, music therapist neuropsychologists, social workers, biomechanics, teachers of special education; c) Its large number of 1200 participants. It can support of teleconference & learning services.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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