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We run a youth information Centre in a voluntary base since 2010. We attach you a video presenting our youth democracy project, , as a result of this action, our Mayor provide us with space and means to run it for our local youth society in a voluntary base ( 01min:59sec). Over the last year, these are the projects that we have been involved, such as transnational youth initiatives/ mobilities/ Educational Partnerships and events supported by Eurodesk/ European Commission Office at Greece etc. Especially over the last year:
Promoting European Year 2012 with the support of Eurodesk Greece – Collaboration between different generations and people with fewer opportunities (blind and others)
Action 1.1 “European Year 2012” under Youth In Action – 60 youngsters aged 13-25 years old – Youth Initiative
“Grundtvig Educational Partnership” 2012-1-IT2-GRU06-37085 8, creating an animation game promoting EY2012 under Life Long Learning – Target group 18-30 years old with the collaboration of 11 EU countries for two years.
Action 1.2 Flashmob promoting YIA – 130 youngsters aged 13-25 years old – Transnational Youth Initiative
Participation at World Youth Parliament for Water and Climate Change, France 2012 and European Youth Parliament for Water, Armenia 2013 – Target group 16-23 years old

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Municipality accredits our mission and provides us space at Cultural Centre of Panorama, for our youth meetings and in daily base. We attach you many photos from our venue, a room designed by our youngsters with our Youthorama banner. Just outside our place, there lies the Municipality Conference Centre, which we also use. You could check more at: We attach you on PowerPoint presentation our recent projects more detailed, as you asked on your comments. We are working with our Municipality youth society, our youngsters live in urban area of Pilea, facing financially gaps at Panorama and also living at Hortiatis mountain villages of Exohi/ Asvestohori/ Filiro/ Hortiatis.

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