Organization Earth was established in 2010 in order to promote and develop the idea of Environmental social intelligence in society, suggesting the adoption of a different model of sustainable development and culture, offering actions that compile environment, society and economy as the three pillars of societal growth. Organization Earth perceives the environmental issues as fundamentally social issues and therefore directs its actions to influencing personal and social attitudes. In that context Organization Earth also, distinguishes the importance of entrepreneurship as a keystone of innovation and societal reform and addresses enterprises in order to influence corporate attitudes and perceptions. The organization’s activities are relevant to all society, but specific major interventions are implemented aiming at socially deprived target groups such as unemployed and/or socially vulnerable groups.


Organization Earth promotes educational activities for schools at all levels in the Center of the Earth. Dissemination and awareness campaigns run regularly aiming at enterprises promoting Social Corporate Responsibility. A pilot project of “O.Gi” is:
The Center of the Earth, a land situated in 25 acres, in the area of Ilion that serves as a model of experiential, non- formal education for sustainable development. Activities that run regularly include:
-“Journey to the Center of the Earth”: an exemplar environmental education awareness project designed for school visits but can beneficiary apply to families or other adult groups.
-“Earth Sunday”: a spectrum of different activities is taking place on Sundays that emphasize and promote changes on current nutritional habits through the revival of the traditional family Sunday lunch. Activities include collective food lab and collective cooking of organic produce, music and games for children, alternative therapies, presentations and workshops.
- « Introduction to Agriculture»: A nine (9) week intensive seminar for unemployed that wish to return to the primary sector. Organization Earth designed and implemented the course and it was funded by Stavros Niarchos Foundation for the years 2013-2014.
- Creation of , a vibrant incubator of ideas on sustainable entrepreneurship, assisting the dialogue and the creation of a network on these issues in Greece, aiming to highlight the social and environmental added value and sustaining a network of viable entrepreneurship in Greece.

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