Centre for Equality


About Likestillingssenteret - the Centre for Equality

Likestillingssenteret - the Centre for Equality - is situated in Hamar, one hour from Oslo airport. The Centre for Equality is an ideal foundation established in 1983. In 2014 the Centre had 7 employees and had a turnover of almost 9.000.000 NOK.

Our main purpose is to promote gender equality. Through its activities, the Centre for Equality contributes to give boys and girls, men and women more real opportunities regardless of gender, thereby increasing the individual’s scope of action.

Our vision is an inclusive and fair society ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Some areas of our expertise:
• Mentoring
• Equality in kindergarten
• Preventing gender based bullying and sexual harassment among youth
• Gender equality for regional growth
• Equality in municipalities
• Equality and democracy
The Centre for Equality is involved in different projects and cooperates with public and private sector, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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