Counseling about Eating Disorders

ROS - Consulting on eating disorders is a nationwide organization for all who are affected by issues around food, body and self-esteem - for those who have or had an eating disorder and for their families.


ROS offers support, advice and guidance for those struggling with an eating disorder or are afraid that they are in the process of developing an eating disorder. Relatives / related parties are also welcome to contact us. ROS organizes a variety of activities and facilitate a community who can contribute positively to a difficult life and a recovery process that can often be prolonged.

In addition, we work to
• disseminate information about eating disorders
• get a better treatment for those affected by the disease
• focus on prevention activities among youth
• influencing attitudes to body and appearance

ROS targets all environments: fitness industry, sports, schools / educational institutions, health care, employers and anyone else who needs advice and / or support.

Type of partner/expertise sought

ROS want to cooperate with similar organizations internationally. Organizations that combine user intervention and medical expertise

Type of expertise/competence offered

Staff and Board of ROS has a diverse background. From psychologists, master's in mental health, psychiatric nurses, sociologist, parental experience, certified health coach and art therapists. We are concerned with combining own experience within mental health with a health care background

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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