Cross Culture International Foundation CCIF

Cross Culture International CCIF is a non-profit making foundation set up in Malta in 2012 to enhance international understanding and friendship through education, networking, volunteering, youth exchange and cultural programs as well as humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures.


CCIF is committed to work towards enhancing cross-cultural communication within and across communities and nations so that there is increased tolerance and mutual understanding. While CCIF is not a partisan or political institution it supports basic values and goals of the European Union that endeavours to offer equal opportunities to all people irrespective of colour, creed, social orientation, and religious or cultural background.
CCIF intends to build cultural and artistic expressions as a means of promoting solidarity and social cohesion.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Partners with experience in developing training programs, research, training, advocacy, running cultural events, conferences and events. Investigative work, Partners with vast experience we can learn from

Type of expertise/competence offered

•Giving credible advice

•Being decisive

•Knowing the business

•Leading courageously

•Supporting others

•Command of HR

•Employee advocacy

•Driving for results

•Comfort in own skin


•Championing change


•Generating new ideas

•Speaking persuasively

•Coaching for success


•Personal development

•Development of others





•Planning and control

•Organizational learning

•Strategic vision

•Communication or Negotiation

•Business awareness

•Analytical ability

•Stress tolerance


Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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