It is a body composed of members of specific social groups. Dealing with vulnerable social groups, finding and attempting to enter the labor market unemployed and special population groups is the most essential to our cause. Argonautes also deals with cultural events in Volos and Pelion, respecting the history and tradition of the place.


Main objectives and some of our activities are mentioned below:
1 The establishment Counseling Support Rehabilitation, Day Centres, First Aid Station, Health Center, Center for Persons with Disabilities, Centers immigrants, returnees and all kinds of support centers for people who have need assistance, financed by national, international and private resources, and any other body, whether national or foreign BOT.
2 The Presentation and Promotion in any way and means activities by organizing courses, Seminars, Conferences, Organization of Vocational Training, Support Services, Seminars, Sports teams, Radio and Television Producers, Office, tourist brochures, and reproduction of these etc
3. Exploiting all forms of tourism activities specializing in alternative formats. Create facilities, space management, event organization, conference, function refreshment, organizing matches, sporting activities etc.. Establishment and operation history museum -mythologias “Argo” in the historical period.
4 The Research, Design, Application Development Capabilities based on the specificities of the regions of Greece, Europe and internationally, including financial, development, Green IT - Environmental in relation to the Tourism, Cultural, Business and Sports Development.
5 Cross-border cooperation and support in a European perspective of the Balkan and Black Sea countries and all countries of the world, based on culture, religion, economy, development, social, religious and educational structure and any other form . Exchange ideas, know-how programs, supply and / or distribution of humanitarian and other assistance to participate in any legal proceedings.
6 Furthermore, in matters of emphasis Family Counseling and similar actions aimed at prevention interfamilial problems in protecting the rights of all members (but mostly children and elderly people), family cohesion and tissue growth and maintenance meaningful emotional relationships and supportive framework. Even in matters relating to the Roma, the implementation of programs for the protection and defense of the rights in the workplace, in public life, the economy, lectures, events, seminars, recovery programs unfunded, national, European and international by exploiting scientific advice on issues of equal opportunities, together with any body can help in implementing the principles of equal treatment of Roma and the use of financial and other instruments of the European Social Fund and elsewhere
7 The promotion of gender equality through practice in the management of the company, the staff, the implementation of programs to promote equality between men and women in the workplace, in public administration, government, lectures, events, seminars, centers for battered women, the use of self-funded programs, national, European and international with the use of scientific advice on issues of equality, co-operation with the Research Centre for Gender Equality, the General Secretariat for Equality and generally any entity can contribute to gender equality.
8 The provision of specialized service projects, such as: Coding & Entering data in PC. Data Processing. Software Development and Customization, Training.
9 The development of Economic Research as: Socioeconomic Analysis. Economic Trends and Forecasts. Applications Econometric Techniques. Techno - Economic Feasibility Studies - Sustainability. Banking and Financial Studies. Database Development Financial Reporting. Operations Research. Statistical Analysis. Trends and Forecasts. Analysis and Market Research. Planning and Project Management. Feasibility studies - feasibility. Benefits of certification, IS SO and HASP, and any other unforeseen arise in future.
10 The company is engaged in regional development, such as: Regional Development Planning. Project Management and Supervision of Regional Development. Regional Monitoring Programs. Regional Development Banks Data.
11 Counseling in the areas of management and human resources such as Design and Project Management. Banking - Financial Investment Analysis. Organization and Operation of Business. Recruitment and Training of Personnel. Market Research Products and Services. Publicity activities, Counseling, support services as provider ASS. Especially in matters relating to persons with disabilities by implementing programs to protect and defend the rights of disabled people in the workplace, in public life, lectures, events, seminars, recovery programs unfunded, national, European and international with use of scientific advice on disability issues, cooperation with any body can help in implementing the principles of equal treatment of disabled people.
12. Specializes in areas of Raw Materials, Energy, Industry and Environment, including: Techno - economic studies. Geological, mining and geotechnical investigations. Studies exploitation and rehabilitation of mines and quarries. Research and Analysis on commodity markets. Management of Water Resources. Applications of Renewable Energy. Rational Use of Energy Studies. Gas applications. Applications of Electricity. Evaluation and Analysis of Energy Technology. Research and Analysis of Energy Market. Analysis and Evaluation of Industrial Sector Perspective. Programming Industrial. Production. Assessment and Technology Transfer. Industrial Innovation / Replacement Equipment. Investment Planning. Operational Planning. Market Research Abroad. Studies Environmental Policy. Studies of Environmental Protection. Environmental Impact Studies. Studies Natural Resources and Ecology. Studies of Industrial Pollution. Applications Waste and Recycling.
13 The Company also specializes in management and project and program management, including: Coordination / Project Management and Program - Contract Management. Budgets - Financial Management - Cost Control. Organization - Programming -Monitoring - Control Division.
14 Assessment Project and Program falls under the responsibility of the Company, such as market research - Feasibility and Sustainability. Development and Environmental Studies, Financial Figures - Financial Reports - European Union Programmes. And on consumer behavior, support, consumer awareness, with a focus on protection of consumer rights, information on conferences, events, seminars, recovery programs unfunded, national, European and international with the use of scientific advice on relevant issues.
15 The Company also deals with Studies-Technology - Construction Supervision as: Select Technology - Basic Design - Preliminary - Permits - Tender Documents. Final Design - Construction Projects - Hardware Specifications and Materials. Evaluation and Selection of Suppliers and Subcontractors - Contracts. Construction Supervision - Tests - Starting Operation Units
16 The reorganization and modernization of existing units, such as: Studies apply new technologies. Planners - MIS - Operating Procedures. Training and Staff Development.
17 The Company also specializes in the following areas: Providing design services, technical and financial management and evaluation (ex ante, on going and ex post) for the effective implementation of multi-annual development projects or programs. Consulting for technology and economic development of geographical information, industries or business groups. Services in the Dissemination of Information, such as scientific or professional organization conferences and exhibitions, development and printing of promotional material, organizing press conferences and advertising campaigns, public relations, development and publication of directories, guides and manuals. Education and training (development and management training programs, training of trainers, production of audiovisual teaching aids, evaluation of educational programs and educational policy).
18 The Company is also active in the following areas: Policy Development. Management Research and technology issues. Management of Innovation. Re-organization and development of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
19 The Company may undertake studies: Architecture and Design, Land Planning, Construction, Electromechanical, Surveying and Land Use. Agricultural and Rural Development, Planning and Development of cities, urban infrastructure, regional development planning, Environmental, Control of air pollution, waste water collection, sewage treatment and disposal, geological, geophysical, geotechnical and seismic, heating, ventilation, air conditioning. Construction of all types of buildings and specialists.
20 The objectives of the Company are included in addition: Information local government agencies of any degree, the social sector and SMEs on Community policies, programs and initiatives. Studies evaluating EU programs and initiatives. Research papers infrastructure institutions of regional and local authorities and the social economy. Configuration mechanism assembly labor market for qualified employees of local governments and the social sector. Develop partnerships between local authorities, networking and social sector and SMEs with similar institutions and corporate bodies in European countries and relevant European institutions.
21 Active in all forms of production of primary and secondary sections specializing in organic farming, alternative forms of production and sustainable forms of development. In the development of volunteering, community service work, community service, charity
22 The Promotion and Development of Studies and Research on the Promotion of Cultural Heritage, the Arts, Science, Technology, and the tourist potential of sporting activities in the area of Pelion, Magnesia, Greece, Europe and Internationally where the requested.
23 The purpose of the Company is also: The foundation of any type of company or participation in existing, newly established non-profit, limited liability companies and other ventures and as seeking the same, similar or other purposes.
24 The Company's participation in the implementation of National - European Programmes and Initiatives.

Type of partner/expertise sought

As a partner organisation we would like to have the same perception and targets.Working hard together to ensure the opportunities that are available for a better future. The expertise sought provide funding for a variety of projects and activities within human rights, culture, Gender and society in general.

Type of expertise/competence offered

With same mentality as ours, Argonautes would like the competence object to be in human rights, culture, in regional and local development, minorities and social inclusion, Gender and Children and Youth.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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