Center for Lifelong Learning and Evaluation of Skills in Social Work

CFCECAS is a NGO with activities implemented all over Romania. The main purpose of CFCECAS is to invest in human resources development, design and delivery of social services in line with EU policies, organize transfer of experience and international cooperation for the promotion of good practices. CFCECAS has experience in develop innovative methodologies and tools for low-skilled unemployed people of all age groups who are interested in finding a job. Since 2008, CFCECAS is implementing in Romania, as leader of concept, different project adressing labor market integration of vulnerable people. Furthermore, CFCECAS is authorized by the National Qualifications Authority of Romania as a CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL SKILLS ASSESSMENT AND CERTIFICATION for the occupation VOCATIONAL COUNSELING.


CFCECAS - main areas:
 create training programs and innovative projects to assist vulnerable groups;
 develop social services pilot for the labor market integration of vulnerable people;
 develop and provide social services in the are of vocational counceling;
 negotiate and implement partnership agreements with the entrepreneurships for the practice placement programs and job creating for people seeking for a job;
 create training, coach and professional supervision programs for employees and managers of social services, public or private, for the provision of quality and quality management.

CFCECAS offers training programs and provides professional supervision and coaching for social workers, head of social services and project managers;
 create programs to support youth and anyone who, at some point, faced with certain limitations psychiatric, social, mental, physical, or cultural for the social and labor market integration.

o Professional social work practice, modern methods of intervention in social services;
o Development of training programs of social workers and staff working in social services;
o Creating programs targeting transfer of knowledge and experience in various social fields and between different countries and cultural/social areas;
o Provision of technical assistance to institutions and private organizations to develop social work services, support services for integration of vulnerable persons labour market and society;
o Providing technical assistance for development of social economy in Romania;
CFCECAS is organizing the Annual National Social Work Conference in partnership with International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW).
CFCECAS is a member of the European Network for Social Firms - CFFEC.

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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