AFI ProFamilia Association

The AFI ProFamilia Association a non-profit and non-governmental organization, registered at the Court of Bistrita-Nasaud, in base of the Law nr.12/1924 and of the Decree 31/1954.


The purposes of our association are:
- To develop the enterprising spirit of women through supporting and diversifying the jobs available for women and through actions that reduce the unemployment of women;
- To encourage women investors by promoting actions in order to change the social politics regarding women;
- To develop the women’s capacity of action and leading, through encouraging their participation in politics, administration, management etc
- To cooperate with other NGOs in order to stimulate the enterprising spirit among women by offering assistance and training in order to create or develop small and medium sized enterprises;
- Identify and deal with the violence forms against women; access programs for the implementation of measures in this field;
- Social assistance activities;

Type of partner/expertise sought

Social economy
Domestic violence

Type of expertise/competence offered

A very good knowledge of the problems and vast experience in implementing projects in Romania

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