Association "Heritage Trails - BULGARIA" is established as a non-profit organization /NGO/, which has the following main objectives: - To explore, preserve and enrich the folk art and folk traditions, cultural heritage and landscapes of the Bulgarian nature as a basis for the development of tourism. - To promote the beauty of Bulgarian nature, folk traditions, crafts, arts, folklore and historical monuments of the Republic of Bulgaria. - To stimulate the creative development of children and young people. -To promote the preservation of folklore, cultural and religious traditions of ethnic minorities in different regions of Bulgaria. - To assist in organizing, financing, development and implementation of projects for the development of international youth exchanges and tourism in order to mutually explore the history and culture of European countries and their common heritage.


Association "Heritage Trails - BULGARIA" creates, supports and develops projects:
- Promotion of best practices and experience of the European Union in the field of cultural tourism
- Collection of tourist information about various ethnographic regions of Bulgaria and its dissemination at home and abroad
- Organizing and conducting training, seminars, lectures, courses, exhibitions
- Organization of excursions, tours, attractive celebrations, festivals, celebrations, festivals, contests .
- Assistance for conferences, round tables, symposia and other socially acceptable forms of communication and contacts with the traditions, customs, folklore, art and culture with the participation of young people.
- Development of marketing strategies related to the realities of the regions of the country, reporting and / or organized finding and creating attractive for tourists components ...

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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