Harmonium Society

Our main aim is to protect nature and enhance people's environmental awareness and to help NGO's communication.


Harmonium most importantly consider to provide practical ideas and theoretical contexts to prevent environmental problems and make it easier to understand.
We have 3 projects:

Small steps: we launched this programme in 2011 dedicated to environmental education especially waste management, energy-saving and the water issue. The team organizes eco-days, lessons, clubs and events mostly at schools.

Harmonium Eco-garden & camping (future programme): ecological education center/ garden/ bicycle camping all in one place. This location will be the base of our environmental education program involving trainings, eco-lessons and gardening activities.

Without Borders: Harmonium is also working on the creation of a database about Hungarians living abroad. We wish to create this site because we believe that in order for the foreign Hungarian “cores” to remain Hungarians (from anywhere the world) should search for them, stay there, take excursions, make friends and be friendly with them.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Would be great to work together with environmental/ pedagogical/ non-governmental organizations, which could also give us the possibility to work together, learn from each other, exchange ideas, methods especially about environmental education and farming/gardening.
We would also like to develop our future project - Harmonium Eco-garden & camping.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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