ARCA - Association for Cultural Citizenship

The main goal of the Association is to contribute to the development of the society in the values of democracy and equal opportunity for all the individuals.


ARCA - Association for Cultural Citizenship is a nonprofit organization which was founded in Bucharest, in 2014. The main objectives of the association are:
-To identify the problems communities are struggling with and to involve in finding solutions for solving them ;
- To implement educational, socio-cultural, artistic, scientific and sports activities in order to develop active citizenship;
-To promote Romanian traditions, heritage and culture;
- To ensure a favorable context for local and international cooperation by forming partnerships with .public institutions, non-governmental organizations and actors from the private sector in order to achieve the targets of the Association.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Through this program we would like to find a partner to exchange experience in the field of emotional, psychological, physical and/or sexual abuse.
Meanwhile, being a very young organization, any cooperation in the area of NGO capacity building is welcomed.

Type of expertise/competence offered

The seminars and the private counseling that we are organized are held by Romanian specialists who are very competent in psychology, especially in child psychology.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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